The Real Church Theme

The Real Church Theme

The following tutorials are designed to help those that have purchased The Real Church, a theme from ThemeForest. It is designed to aquatint the user with a basic understanding of the various tools that are available. This project is dedicated to training church member staff on the basics of logging into the WordpPress core, explains some basic distinctions between page and posts, teaches the user to utilizes the modulated tools available, helps distinguish some minor differences in event understanding, and the like. This will give a user the basics user understanding.  Time is the real teacher.

The Real Church Theme

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Template Resources: The Real Church

The Real Church: Table of Contents

Video Summary

The Real Church Theme: Video Summary

Help Forum

The Real Church Theme: Help Forum

First of all, Thanks so much for purchased our items :) We’re really appreciated it and hope you enjoy it! If you need support, all support will be conducted through this website > . We usually get back to you within 14hours. (except holiday seasons which might take longer).

How to Access The TESTING Website?

The Real Church: Viewing Testing Server

In this video tutorial we show you how to use your web browser to view the testing server.

WPC Munster Testing Website

Login Registration and Logging into WordPress?

Register For a Username and Password

This tutorial was created for members of where members making changes on the church website can register their information for website updating purposes.

WPC Munster Testing Website

Logging Into and Understanding The WordPress Dashboard


If the testing server has been switched off please use the proper domain to login. Go to and navigate to the menu item “life at WPC.” Hover over that item and choose login. Use the log in form on the page redirect to access the administrative dashboard.

How to Manage/Edit Homepage Content from Your Dashboard

How to Manage/Edit the Homepage

Running Time: 30 Mins

In this tutorial we take a complete look at the homepage including: THE MENU BAR (how to move around menu items or add new ones); The varies TITLES items. Why the CONTENT option is a little confusing. How to build a page using the PAGE OPTIONS How to change display features on the homepage.  How to edit the EVENTS calendar and the Special events feed and what the difference is between EVENTS and an EVENT.  Why CATEGORIES are so important to placing content throughout the website and so on and so forth.

Enabling Webmail Text Editing Features

How to Add Microsoft Word like editing features to your webmail service

Running Time: 3:19 min

In this tutotiral we take a look at the webmail feature, which can be found at When accessing the webmail we had a few people request features like “Bolding” text, Underlining feature, Center, etc. This tutorial shows you how to enable these “Word like features” by activating the HTML editor.

Adding and Editing Subscribers in MailChimp

How to add and edit subscribers to Mailchimp

Running Time: 4:30 min

In this tutorial we take at how to use the quick link in MailChimp to add subscribers easily. After adding the subscribing we will located the added subscriber and show you how to edit it. We will help make a distinction between unsubscribing and deleting subscribers. Once in the “manage subscribers page” we also show you a second quick way to add a subscriber by using the drop down menu.

Creating Groups In MailChimp

How to add and edit subscribers to Mailchimp

Running Time: 6:00 min

In this tutorial we take at how to use groups in Mailchimp to direct newsletter emails to specific subsets of subscribers. The advantage of grouping newsletter subscribers is that you don’t have duplicate subscribers on multiple lists, you have better marketing and targeting control when creating and sending email campaigns, and you make the content of your newsletter campaigns relevant to your content consumer.

Creating a Newsletter Email Campaign With Mailchimp

How to create a campaign in Mailchimp

Running Time: 30:00 min

In this tutorial we take at how to create a newsletter campaign. Starting with the campaign button we take you through a step by step campaign creation process. We also discuss some of the newsletter creation tools, tracking options, social network integration and why it’s important, and finalizing the newsletter. If you have any questions them in our comment section below.

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