Tub Resurfacing Reglazing


Site Revitalization Project: The Art of Tub Resurfacing Inc

When the owner Blayne Cecconi approached MME he was looking for a website that would help him climb the invisible ladder of Google to the first page. We talked at length about online ranking, the need for new customers, and the poor marketing tactics of Dex Knows and other services he used. We explained the importance of custom content, keeping the website up to date, and the dynamic power of WordPress to provide the business owner with the ability to update his website on the fly.


Creating Tub Resurfacing Reglazing Custom Content

During the initial design stage we look over the content on his old website (below in dark blue) and learned that much of the content had been copied over from other resurfacing website. This inevitably resulted in poor search engine optimization as this content was shared by some 20 websites. Apparently the previous web developer didn’t like the idea of writing custom content. With some many other tub resurfacing companies utilizing the same content and wording it was hard to distinguish his business online. We worked with Blayne 0n creatively rewriting his website with our custom content writing service.  We wrote and rewrote with Blayne assistance until we truly created something custom.


Designing for Tub Resurfacing and Reglazing Project

When we began the design we wanted to situation a variety of products in a 3d like fashion to give the view the ability to see each product in its context. As www.theartsofresurfacinginc.com is a tub resurfacing company and many of their products relate to bathrooms, we created a simple yet elegant tile surface to showcase each product. We them took existing image of before and after shots and incorporated them into 3d concept art that was hand crafted in Photoshop and Illustrator. The result is a powerful presentation of products on the homepage slider.


Tub Resurfacing Reglazing

Before Website Remodeling – The Art of Resurfacing Inc


Resurfacing Reglazing

New Website Design

Project/Page Thumbnails

Project/Page Service Gallery Images


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October 24, 2013

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