E-commerce website, logo, business cards, truck wraps, t-shirts

The Challenge

Great Lakes Welding Supply needed a total brand makeover.  From logo to website to truck wraps.  The branded needed to say welding, what better way to accomplish this then welding beeds, diamond plate, and sparks.  We were going to need to create a new set of resources that would help us with our branding, design a logo that could bring them into the 21st century, capture their customer base with a masculine look and feel, and develop a killer awesome website replete with e-commerce integration and database migrations.


The Solution

Branding required creating a full set of metal textures to utilizing.  These includes diamond plate, welding brushes, logo, business cards, rack cards, e-commerce website with mobile responsivity.  Database migration utilizing a series of mysql hooks  to push data from the website to QuickBooks in order to synchronize across data channels.  This inventory management solution required the building out of a local mailroom, packaging consultation, and on location data entry.


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Redesigned Logo

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