The Challenge

Canerods needed a website that could capture continued interest in their product. They needed something new and elegant that truly showcased their custom bamboo fly rod creations, while illustrating their companies commitment to their mission. Over 10 pages would have to be recreated from their old website. The new site would have to have a mobile responsive design. Included was an extensive gallery that would have to be easily updated by the office staff.

The Solution

We began the design by featured a one page slide concept with mobile responsivity. Single page site can be seen here: Full width pages were created with key image icons with press to scroll technology; making navigating the page easy on a mobile device. After design a change in design perspective from the owner shifted our attention to a more efficient and simple layout that would accommodate slower internet connections and an older crowd that didn’t have the same intuitive online experience as younger users. The final product is mobile, incorporates two different home page screen for your browsing preference, a full bamboo flyrod gallery, and more.