Avon Dental Round Lake: Identity Package, Mailers, and Website


The Challenge

Avon Dental Round Lake was a new dental company.  This posed a challenge because new companies need to build an online reputation before they will rank.  No log or brand identity had been created.  No marketing plan was in place to ensure proper distribution and target marketing reach.

The Solution

When Avon Dental contacted us it was to create a compelling website that would drive business.  We focused on both responsive mobile design with a casual professional look on the desktop.  The look feel create a feeling that leans toward the inexpensive.  Their marketing materials focused on a clean crisp feel, with a focus on Spanish and English customer base. EDDM mailers will lead the marketing plan, along with local listings management, and adwords campaign to follow.  In short, we provided a total marketing solution that fit their budget.

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Amazing Result

We Rethought Everything

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